Casa Racing Is Back!

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a long time since I have last posted on CasaRacing, and it feels great to back!  I can’t believe the windy road I have been on.  A few years ago, when this blog was in it’s prime, I thought that nothing could ever happen to it, but as we all know time can be a cruel thing.

racingBut, enough about the past.  We are back, and it’s time to restore our brand to its former glory!

Over the past two years I have had quite a few different racing experiences.  Not too long ago I was actually able to drive a former Formula 1 car!  It was a crazy experience, and I never thought it would happen, but it did!  I was able to experience just how much power and force these vehicles have.  After doing a few laps and realizing just how hard it is, I have even more respect for these drivers!  It’s quite a frightening and strange experience.  These cars go so fast, and when you’re coming up to a corner at near one hundred miles per hour it definitely defy’s everything you have learned driving regular vehicles.  But as you may know, to get the brakes to work effectively in a formula one car, you really have to keep the speed up, so the brakes are warm.

Overall it was a life changing experience, and if they ever invite me out, I’ll happily do it again!  I hope this time I will be able to increase my time by a few seconds while getting used to the vehicle again.

But that being said, I am definitely glad to be back on this blog.  I met so many people by blogging about racing, and hopefully we can restore this to its former glory.  I hope you enjoy everything we put out, and I look forward to seeing you very soon!