Picking The Best Gloves For Parkour!

If you are someone that enjoys practicing parkour, then you’ll need to realize that there are actually some gear that you might need.  Generally when you think of parkour you think that all you need is shoes and a place to run, but although this is true, if you are serious about parkour, then you need something more!

I grew up practicing parkour in a few different major cities in Europe.  And from these cities I really practiced and honed my craft.  When you practice parkour for a long amount of time, you start to form your own style of free running and you really get to have your own flair.  The problem I soon started to face was that in my own personal style of parkour I really enjoyed vaults and bar work including swings and stalls.  The big problem with this was that my hands were soon getting all cut up and raw because of blisters and rubbing the skin on the bars.  This made me practicing parkour how I wanted to extremely painful.

Parkour GlovesBecause of this I started doing some research to see if there were any gloves for parkour.  I need a type of parkour gloves that would protect my hands from getting any type of blisters or chaffing, while still giving me the mobility and the grip that was needed in parkour.

I did some research and there actually were a few options to find makeshift parkour gloves.  I found quite a few people were using baseball batting gloves as parkour gloves, but there weren’t many gloves specifically made for parkour.  I think this is a place where a sporting company could jump in, and really make a great solution to a problem that a lot of parkour athletes have.  I know I would definitely purchase some parkour gloves if they were made in a good material and style!

A Watch For Racing?

When you are starting off your racing career, there can be hundreds of different pieces of equipment that you will be expected to purchase and have for your race.  Of course the first thing you will obviously need is access to a vehicle, whether you buy it or rent it.  Along with this you will tactical watchneed a fireproof kit, and you will need harnesses, a pit crew, and of course you will need to keep up with the day to day maintenance of these vehicles.  Now all of these seem pretty obvious, but there is another thing you will need, and that is a tactical watch.  When you are driving you are focusing all of your energy on the track, and you don’t have time to focus on anything else, that makes it really important to have a  watch that will save you precious time!  I learned quite a bit about these watches from my friend Brett.

I personally own a Casio Military G-Shock watch for my driving endeavors, and it has saved me quite a few seconds on my lap times and it can literally save your life.  These watches often have quite a few different functions which can be quite beneficial for drivers.  For example you can have these watches hooked up to your console of your car so that you can check in your with crew and check tire condition directly on your watch.

Along with this functions that are perfect for drivers, having a tactical watch will help you in all walks of life!  I have taken this watch to all sorts of outdoor activities like camping and hiking, and I was able to use my digital compass on this watch to keep me on track and out of danger!  Overall I thoroughly suggest one of these watches to anyone!  Even if you aren’t a driver, if you want to be prepared for anything I suggest you buy a tactical watch!

My new Allen Roth Flooring Has Been Installed!

If you have ever boughten a fixer upper house or even a foreclosure house like I recently did, then you should definitely be prepared to do some repairs.  Thankfully my new house wasn’t too much of a mess, but I definitely had to do some hardwood repairs.

So, as I was going through all my options, I decided against going through and trying to patch any scratches and dents, and instead I decided I was just going to replace the whole thing.  This entailed ripping out the entire flooring, throwing it all in the dumpster, and then cleaning the foundation, and then putting the new flooring in.  In the beginning, I didn’t know what type of hard floors I was going to put in, but eventually after reading www.allenrothhub.com/allen-and-roth-flooring I knew i had to choose Allen Roth flooring.

It can be a tough decision to choose which type of flooring you want.  There are just so many options, and so many of them look so great!  But when you really start thinking you can narrow some of them down.  You can narrow a lot down if you are confident in what type of wood you want in your floors.  If you want oak floors, then you don’t have to bother with teak or mahogany floors at all.  Along with this, you will need to decided what finish you want.  There are quite a few different finish colors, and you will have to choose which one is the best for your home and your style.

I personally went with an oaky colored finish.  I think this went great with the rest of my house, and it truly did!  The installation process was quite quick, and it only took about a week to have the entire project done.  In the end I would recommend this to anyone that needs new flooring done!

Casa Racing Is Back!

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a long time since I have last posted on CasaRacing, and it feels great to back!  I can’t believe the windy road I have been on.  A few years ago, when this blog was in it’s prime, I thought that nothing could ever happen to it, but as we all know time can be a cruel thing.

racingBut, enough about the past.  We are back, and it’s time to restore our brand to its former glory!

Over the past two years I have had quite a few different racing experiences.  Not too long ago I was actually able to drive a former Formula 1 car!  It was a crazy experience, and I never thought it would happen, but it did!  I was able to experience just how much power and force these vehicles have.  After doing a few laps and realizing just how hard it is, I have even more respect for these drivers!  It’s quite a frightening and strange experience.  These cars go so fast, and when you’re coming up to a corner at near one hundred miles per hour it definitely defy’s everything you have learned driving regular vehicles.  But as you may know, to get the brakes to work effectively in a formula one car, you really have to keep the speed up, so the brakes are warm.

Overall it was a life changing experience, and if they ever invite me out, I’ll happily do it again!  I hope this time I will be able to increase my time by a few seconds while getting used to the vehicle again.

But that being said, I am definitely glad to be back on this blog.  I met so many people by blogging about racing, and hopefully we can restore this to its former glory.  I hope you enjoy everything we put out, and I look forward to seeing you very soon!